What’s it all about?

I have created this site to serve several purposes. First of all, as a platform for presenting information and discussions about my books, and easy links for those interested in obtaining print, digital, or audio copies. I also plan to post information about current and upcoming projects that I am working on.

Several posts will present much of the research that went into the preparation of the story in my first two novels. Consequently, I will cover many controversial topics touching on the scientific validity of the theory of evolution.

Just as importantly, I will post some of my thoughts on the most critical milestones of my journey through life, hoping that by sharing the truths that I have found, others may gain from my experiences.

Politics, sports, and current events are fertile grounds for active discussion, and I hope we can engage in meaningful dialogue on them all. Discussions may run from enlightening to strange, but I trust never boring. All cogent comments on any post are greatly encourage and will be posted whether they agree with the author or not.

One teaser for an upcoming post is the incredible and somewhat terrifying facts that I have discovered in my research for an upcoming novel. There is a disaster of unprecedented magnitude looming over a particular location in the heart of Africa. A tragedy from a similar cause occurred in 1986 in Cameroon Africa. Check out this documentary video:

Some 2,000 people died in one night, but the potential for an unparalleled desolation threatens this other rather beautiful location in central Africa. Sorry to say, this terrible event is like most natural disasters; it is a matter of not if it will happen, but when will it take place.
Look for this post soon. Remember, any and all feedback will be very much appreciated.

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