Hercules is battling the beast, while fire engulfs his shield

Beast With No Name

From the book jacket:

Many centuries ago, in the ancient land of Thessaly, there lived Jainus, a common shepherd boy whose simple world is soon to be turned upside down, as he is whisked into a series of perilous adventures involving gods, heroes, and monsters. As his epic journey progresses, he will meet many familiar faces from Greek legends and myths, such as the incomparable Hercules, beautiful Alcestis, handsome Admetus, and the wicked and cruel god of the dead, Hades. He will learn the true value of courage and loyalty, and most importantly of all he will learn of the one true God and the understanding of sacrificial love. Readers of all ages will enjoy this thrilling retelling of “The Fortunate King”, a classic tale from the annals of Greek mythology. The author expands on this ancient legend, putting his own unique spin on this tale from antiquity. The narrative is charged with action, adventure, suspense, humor, and romance, while set in the amazing and imaginative world of Grecian myth. Come join Jainus and his companions as he faces many exciting and dangerous perils on his heroic quest, the deadliest being the encounter with the mysterious Beast With No Name!

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